Our Company

Arpi Chocolate, Candy and Cake Factory

Arpi Chocolate Factory started production in 2008.
And It produce Compound Chocolate, Cake and Candy.
It sells to many different countries all over the world and it has distributors in some of it.

Our goal is to reach the whole world.

Arpi Chocolate Factory is a company belong to Deresal Group.

Deresallar Group was founded in 1983 and it distribute food and cleaning products to many national companies.

In addition, It have modern facilities for agriculture and farming, pulses and seed harvesting, and it has stores in the retail market.


Some of our Products

acros 2 KG Box 4 Цвет

Смешанный шоколад, наполненный какао-кремом и хрустящим рисом

0 Gr

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Eclairs Chocolate 1 KG Acetate Jar

Caramel Chocolate Filled Soft Candy

0 Gr

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WaveBar фиолетовый

Шоколадный бар из молочного соединения, наполненный кремом из орехового ореха

12 Gr

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Coco Great 1 KG Special Bag

Soft Candy Filled with Coconut

0 Gr

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NaniMax Индийский орех

Шоколадный бар из молочного соединения, наполненный кокосовым кремом

25 Gr

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Contact Us

Başak Mahallesi, Ereğli Caddesi, No:28
Karatay/Konya Turkey


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